About FAAC

The Fordham Anti-Racist Alumni Collective (FAAC) has come together in support of ASILI’s demands for making Fordham University a more equitable place to go to school, in attempt to minimize the harm done by racism, anti-Blackness, and abuse that has persisted on campus since its founding.

As a group, our number one value and purpose is to center Black voices, and specifically to uplift and support the voices of Black students and alumni of Fordham both in the current national moment and movement for Black lives and moving forward. In the past, it has been hard to ask for substantial change from Fordham due to the limitations of student organizing.

Our goal is to provide a consistent and ongoing way to hold Fordham accountable with the stability of an alumni organizing group. *Not affiliated with Fordham University*

Alumni from all Fordham schools and class years are welcome and encouraged to get involved in one or more of FAAC’s organizing teams.



• Organize communication with Fordham donors about withholding donations until Fordham responds to ASILI’s Demands
• Research community organizations to provide alumni alternative donation opportunities

Institutional Knowledge

• Research and collect testimonials from past and current students about roadblocks they faced when scheduling an event, forming a club, organizing a demonstration, etc.
• FAAC’s goal is to create a comprehensive history of the institution to be stored in one place


• Develop and write press releases for local and national news outlets to bring awareness to ASILI’s activism and the fight for anti-racism at Fordham University


• Coordinate schedule of FAAC meetings
• Take notes and document decisions made at meetings
• Design and create FAAC newsletters


• Communicate with Fordham departments, staff, professors, etc. to draw attention to the importance of ASILI’s demands.
• Set up email templates for alumni and students to easily contact Fordham administrators

Social Media

• Create and execute social media campaigns to spread the word about FAAC’s current projects and how alumni can get involved
• Update FAAC’s website

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