Press Release: Fordham Anti-Racist Alumni Collective Compiles Report of Student Grievances

Fordham Anti-Racist Alumni Collective
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Fordham Anti-Racist Alumni Collective Compiles Report of Student Grievances

More than 150 complaints submitted via @BlackAtFordham and @LetsTalkAboutItFordham on Instagram catalog patterns of discrimination

NEW YORK, NY (April 26, 2021) Fordham Anti-Racist Alumni Collective (FAAC), an alumni group committed to amplifying the demands of Black students at Fordham University, today announced it has compiled student grievances against the faculty, administration and staff of Fordham University submitted through Instagram accounts @BlackAtFordham and @LetsTalkAboutItFordham. These powerful accounts of racism, sexism, classism, xenophobia, sexual harassment, lack of professionalism and institutional neglect expose Fordham University’s record of failure to hold faculty, administrators and staff accountable for harm caused in the classroom and on campus.

Overall, 162 complaints were submitted. Each complaint represents harm caused to a student and solidifies a pattern of inaction in responding to student concerns on behalf of the university. Of these complaints:

  • 29% (47) pertained to racism
  • 9.8 % (16) specifically addressed Dean of Students at Rose Hill Christopher Rodgers

FAAC is committed to keeping a record of these stories, which students and alumni have courageously and vulnerably shared, and working with faculty and administrators to hold offending individuals accountable. Ultimately, FAAC’s goals are to ensure that stories have not been shared in vain and to minimize further harm to students in the future.

Fordham Anti-Racist Alumni Collective (FAAC) is an alumni collective committed to supporting the demands of ASILI, Fordham University’s Black Student Alliance, and Black students for transformational change at Fordham University.

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